Houston Gets Gospel via IPTV


What many believers would deem “the gospel truth” is coming to the Houston IPTV viewscape.

This is by virtue of a just-announced IPTV carriage ageement between the IPTV fiber-to-the-home Optical Entertainment Network’s FISION service and the Southern Entertainment Network.

The contract will see Southern Entertainment’s TheSET Southern Gospel Music, Black Gospel Music, Bluegrass and Classic Country Music channels made available to FISION’s mostly Houston metro area, multi-channel (TV and Internet) customer base (exact number of subscribers not released).

You may not see all of the common threads this content package offers. If not, I offer the personal perspectives of having attended many Bluegrass festivals. These events- which usually begin Friday nights and last until Sunday Noon, start out with two days of not only pure bluegrass, but bluegrass renditions of classic country hits. And then on Sunday morning, the music fare switches to Southern Gospel- which from time to time features fiddle-based adaptations of black gospel standards.

And do I need to remind you that Houston is the most populous municipality in what is often referred to as the Bible Belt?

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