Buffalo’s USB to microSD adapter


I don’t know how much Buffalo’s new MCR-MSD costs or if I can even get it, but I want it for my mobile gear bag. Looks like a USB to microSD adapter…nothing more and nothing less. Why do I want it? Many of the smaller form factor devices don’t offer a microSD card slot (do any?) but they all offer USB ports. For my standard SD card usage on the Samsung Q1 UMPC, I bought the SanDisk model that folds in half to expose a USB interface for Vista ReadyBoost. Unfortunately, I have nothing like that for microSD which is the form factor used in my XV6700 Windows Mobile smartphone. I have a 1 gigg’r microSD in that phone, but I can’t use it with Sammy, so I think I need to rustle up this Buffalo product.

(via MobilitySite)



Hi Kevin; Since I’m on the verge of purchasing my first smartphone with a mini SD slot. When and if you find out about this one, could you post the info so I can get one too :D

Kevin C. Tofel

Scott, three thoughts.

1. I’m a dufus.
2. You’re right. ;)
3. I’m betting my next phone does use a microSD card, so I still want one! Thanks!

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