AOL Acquires Financial News & Info Search Technology Firm Relegence; Between $50-100 Million

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imageRelegence is the newest wholly owned subsidiary of AOL following a deal that was signed and closed Monday. No terms were disclosed but Relegence, founded in privately held until now, has 60 employees and proprietary technology called the KnowledgeHub that can be integrated with AOL so likely didn’t come cheap. Relegence’s real-time “intelligence automation” monitors, indexes and filters more than 20,000 sources of live content streams and delivers desktop results. It also can integrate internal and external content streams. Relegence fits in with AOL’s efforts to develop and deploy its own publishing and content management system, which falls under Jim Bankoff, EVP-consumer and publisher services. Bankoff in the announcement of AOL’s fifth acquisition this year: “We

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Nic Fulton

A patent play? I seem to remember Relegence claiming they had secured patents on ranking of news based on its popularity and other real-time search engine techniques (a quick USPTO reveals two patents). With the search fight going strong, real-time search might be the next big thing, so perhaps that is part of the reasoning?

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