24 inch iMacs and the humming monitors

Julie of The Gadgeteer ordered a 24 inch iMac as soon as they were announced and I’ve been following her adventure in Macdom since she received her first system.  Yes, I said first 24 inch iMac.  Julie was immediately confronted with an annoying hum emanating from the monitor that was so bad she sent the unit back and got another.  That one also had the hum so she sent that one back, too.  She recently gave us an update of her ordeal and it seems the third iMac she received still has a noticeable hum, although this one is not as bad as the first two so she thinks she may just live with it.  Other than the annoying hum the 24 inch iMac looks pretty sweet.  I must say that Julie is being a heck of a lot nicer about the recurring problem than I would be.


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