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YouTube, Verizon Deal?

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Verizon is in advanced talks with YouTube to use YouTube’s content for both VCast mobile videos and for Verizon’s on-demand video service, reports the Wall Street Journal. It’s not a surprising development that YouTube is looking to go mobile — YouTube’s CEO Chad Hurley outlined his company’s mobile ambitions last week, and said that he hoped to have something on cell phones within the next year.

One of the options for a mobile YouTube, we pointed out, was a carrier deal, though carriers are very conservative when it comes to copyrights and hard-to-control content. On first thought, this deal is unexpected, given Verizon is often painted as one of the most conservative carriers in the U.S. when it comes to content. And since acquiring the company Google has supposedly been rushing to pay off pissed off media companies.

But now that YouTube belongs to Google, it looks like Verizon feels the comfort of deep coffers. And we’re thinking that if any YouTube content ever lands on Verizon’s real estate that content will be completely scrubbed of any of the risky clips, either copyright material or so-called inappropriate content. Doing a deal with YouTube doesn’t mean the carrier will open itself up to a flood of YouTube content — it will likely have a hard-core filter that cherry picks popular, but appropriate content, ie. YouTube lite.

Then again, a YouTube deal isn’t going to make Verizon very many friends in the media industry. But it looks like YouTube’s content is just too popular — Time just declared it the “invention of the year”!

7 Responses to “YouTube, Verizon Deal?”

  1. Hello:

    I will not recommend Verizon getting into this YouTube deal.

    They can’t even service all the gazillion services they currently have so why are they trying to get into more services?

    If you’re a Verizon customer and have a problem and phone their customer service, you can’t reach anyone!

    Verizon should focus on adequately servicing the customers they currently have and leave You Tube alone.

    The Save Youtube Guy

  2. Jesse Kopelman

    Since when has Verizon wanted to be friends with anyone, media industry or otherwise? You are either strong enough to be respected, pathetic enough to be ignored, or their next meal.

  3. think of VERIZON using all the METRO Cellular backhaul with Level3 in their OUT OF REGION METRO locations to launch YouTube over Google over Level3 to the Verizon END USE CUSTOMERS…with METRO CONTENT being extended by Level3 Aquisitions in past year, Verizon is sitting pretty to unleash the Content over Wireless…