Skype 3.0 Coming Soon


Update: The Skype 3.0 beta is out now.

Earlier this morning we spotted Niklas Zennstrom at our mobile discussion at the Web 2.0 conference, but before we could get to him (aka, I had a microphone in my hand), he ducked out.

Okay, he is much taller in person, but nevertheless if we had a chance to chat with him, we would have asked him about the pending release of Skype 3.0. Alec Saunders, takes a break from his duties as the CEO of iotum, and become a reporter. He says that Skype is going to release a new client software (version 3.0) tomorrow morning sometime. I bet it is tonight during the big presentation he would make at the conference.

Of course, y’all know what we’re looking for at iotum. Yup — a call transfer API. Lenn Pryor promised us all last spring that we’d see a Skype to Skype transfer in the fall of 2006, and a Skype to PSTN in the spring. Hopefully we won’t be disappointed.



GTalk? I’m waiting for something out of them. I’m sure it will be very good.

Alec Saunders

Apparently there are quite a few people in the know out there. As soon as this post was up, I heard from a few of them.

Confirmed: the call transfer API is in. Huzzah! Also, a new plug-in architecture is one of the key components of the release. Getting it work has been quite a bit of work, but it’s now been tested with a small group of hand picked ISV’s including Jyve, Pamela, and Unyte.

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