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So I’ve never really been much of a fan of the Shuffle. It’s always just seemed like yet another iPod Apple put out. So, while I do think there is a market for it, this second time around for the Shuffle doesn’t change my mind.

From a design perspective, this Shuffle is much more aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t feel as cheap as the first one did and takes the idea of having something you can put in your pocket to a new level. With the attached clip on the Shuffle it really does make it the perfect “pocket” MP3 player.

Unfortunately, where the design excels, sound quality really just plain fails. At first I thought it might just be the Apple headphones, but I tried them on multiple headsets of varying quality and on all of them the sound was flat and muddy.

So, while the price point of this Shuffle is very appealing, from a sound quality perspective do yourself a favor and snag one of the new iPod nanos. They may be more expensive, but they are still incredibly small and the sound quality is worlds better.

Sidenote: If you would like to get a shuffle, one of our partner sites (Banthat) is giving away a free shuffle. So go check that out.

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iPod Shuffle 2 iPod Shuffle 2 iPod Shuffle 2 iPod Shuffle 2 iPod Shuffle 2 iPod Shuffle 2


Clare Arzing

I got a new I pod shuffle for christmas. It has the best sound and I can get it out of the house in my pocket without my mother knowing! I have know idea what you guys are talking about. Its the best.


I got this Shuffle 2gen for free upon the purchase of a Shure earphone set already on special price.

I’ve been using iPods for about 4 years and I was not expecting too much from this device, it plays music well and the retail price is fair, good construction quality.

Frank Rey

I just purchased the IPOD shuffle and everything I have read is all true. The item is nothing but a headache. After spending two hours working with it and downloading manuals from others sites, it never worked. I returned it and purchased a 35 dollar RCA MP3 unit from Walmart which was a piece of cake to use. I tried to contact apple to give constructive feedback but all they had options for was positive feedback. I now understand why Apple computers are way behind PCs. This was my first and last Apple product and will spread the word to as many contacts as possible to avoid Apple shuffles like the plague.

Ellin Beltz

My husband gave me one of these as a gift and I asked him to take it back. Had he given me the receipt too; I’d have taken it back already. I’ve desired an IPod since the first time I saw one, but like many people chose to wait til they got the bugs out. Over that time, MP3 discs have become the automobile standard and until I get a car with an IPod port it’s unlikely an IPod is going to be high on my list.

At home I use my computer to direct my ITunes to my speakers or I listen to online radio or TV; so I wouldn’t be wearing it in the house.

So, no need at home or in car – the only use would be on bike or at the gym. So with that in mind, I opened the box, preparing to be as pleasantly surprised by the new Shuffle as I have been by all my other Apple products.

It was a surprise all right and not of the pleasant kind.

First off, the box stunk of acetone and other plastic odors. Unlike the blogger above, it was not a pleasant smell. I put the box in a bag while I read and looked at the contents. The earphones smelled like they had been rolled in third world country water, so I went looking for my favorite earbuds. But they wouldn’t fit. There was no port through which I could take the data into my own headphones.

So with great trepidation, I put the smelly buds in tissue and then in my ears. UGH.

The sound quality sucked and there was no way to use it attached to speakers, either so I couldn’t tell if it was the unit or the headphones.

The “battery life” as described was a joke and the inability to read or control what was about to or had just played reminded me of listening to radio.

The new Shuffle2 is a total a waste of money, time and effort compared to a real IPod or Nano. I’m calling this one the IPod Cripple and still do not understand why anyone would want one.

It just seems to be a “cheap loss leader” that their sales people can foist off on confused, older or technologically clueless shoppers at the Apple Store.

If anyone can explain why this thing has any sort of advantage over a real IPod, I’ll listen, but I sure don’t see it.


compared to the old white model, the new (silver) ipod shuffle has a VERY disappointing sound quality. newer = better (or at least equally good) does not seem to be valid anymore. from now on, i will carefully check new apple products before buying them!


The new iPod shuffle is so easy to manage. I love to run and exercise and you cannot feel this at all while working out. This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a lightweight iPod that is very stylish too.

FUDsucker Proxy

I just bought a 2G shuffle, and its amazing! Incredibly light, aesthetically beautiful, clear crisp sound. 5 out of 5 (stars, coconuts,thumbs, …whatever)

Maybe you need to clear the earwax : )

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