Windows Live…..Barcodes?


Qr_codeCan you "read" the QR code to the right? Maybe you can’t, but equipped with a reader, your future Windows Mobile device might! Down in the Geekzone, Mauricio stumbled across what might be the most unique Window Live service yet from Microsoft: Windows Live Barcode. I’m not sure if this an attempt to one-up all of the Google product betas or what, but after a few minutes of thought, this could be interesting.

QR codes can "store" over 7,000 characters, so semi-light items such as product information, contact details, or perhaps even RSS feeds could be embedded in a readable image. What other great uses am I missing here: I know you folks can come up with some cool or quirky uses, so have at it in the comments! [For the record: the QR Code shown is my basic business card data; just try to put THAT in a Rolodex!]

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