WIDGETS: It’s Panel Time

We’re in for a round of afternoon panels at Widgets Live. So far it’s been two sessions worth of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft product managers bragging about how pretty and amazing their widgets and gadgets are.

A couple comments that made me pick my head up from Google Desktop product manager Kan Liu: 1) Upon setup, Google Desktop gadgets orients its weather location by looking through web sites in your search history where you’ve entered your address. Whoa, scary! 2) One of Google’s best gadget-makers is a 12-year-old 15-year-old who built the gadgets for both iTunes and AdSense. Apparently he was recently contracted by NPR to build their Google gadgets. Megan McCarthy from Valleywag IMs me “are they admitting to child labor practices?”

Now Tariq Krim from Netvibes is talking, he calls these widget things “modules.” Krim is demoing a new version of Netvibes that incorporates search within a user’s Netvibes space; that’s kind of cool. Man, the idea of open standards seems a ways off if we can’t even agree on the terminology. Sanaz Ahari from Live.com admits “We aren’t very good at naming.”

Update: The young gadget maker, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote in to say his age is actually 15.