Mystery convertible Tablet from Japan


Akihabara News reports today of a new mystery convertible Tablet PC-like device, the SA1F00A from Japan-based Kohjinsha.  They haven’t uncovered much yet in the way of details but they have some photos of the device that are very interesting.  Judging from those photos this mystery device looks to be around the same size as the Fujitsu P1610, maybe even a little smaller.  It will be interesting to see if this is a full Tablet PC running the Tablet Edition or if it’s a touch-screen Windows XP only device.  We’ll share more details as they unfold.

Kohjinsha convertible


Leroy Brown

This kind of device would be *perfect* for my wife. She’s always complaining about how heavy her laptop is. Her hand are tiny, and she has eagle eyes, so the small screen wouldn’t bug her. If they can get this down into the 1k – $1200 price range, then I’m all in.

John Christian

If these prices would be anywhere close in the US/Europe (if it ever see the light of day here) then its a major competitor to the small fujitsu-siemens.

Anyone know what kind of speed you can expect from the AMD processor? I mean compared to Celeron M or Pentium M?

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