Movie info and tickets from your cell with Mobio Movies


Mobile_movie_timesWhy not keep going with the phone motif we’ve got going today? This time, it’s Mobio Movies for cellphones. The product page only mentions support for the Motorola RAZR, Samsung BLADE or equivalent, but I suspect many phones will actually run the application. The goal of the product is to provide tickets or movie info in three clicks or less, but since I don’t get out much and don’t have a non-smartphone, I can’t verify. Maybe it’s time to get away from the HDTV and do the social-thing in the theater?

While I’m debating my social plans, you can hit up the Mobio site for the download, which actually looks to be user friendly and informative. One interesting note: the Mobio Movies site mentions "Universal movies" quite often….often enough that I wonder if this will only provide movie info or tickets from that studio’s offerings….hmm….

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