James Bond 007 UX Spy Gear Bundle from Sony- unleash the agent in you


Sony has created a novel marketing approach for selling the UX280P Micro PC.  They think the small size of the UX makes it appeal to the secret agent inside each of us and have created the James Bond 007 UX Spy Gear Bundle (VGN-UX007) consisting of a Sony UX280P7, a Cyber-shot digital camera (DSC-T50/JB) and a UX Bluetooth GPS receiver, all housed in a shiny black aluminum attache case that would make 007 proud.  The bundle isn’t cheap at $3199 but who said spy gear is cheap?




Anybody remember the “Secret Sam Attaché Case” from the 60’s? Now if I can have my Dick Tracy two way wrist tv….


What? No Walther PPK? No 50 gold crowns? No exploding shaving kit? How can we be expected to cause mayhem with this?

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