Gmail mobile client on the MDA


Gmail_java_clientGoogle’s new mobile mail client was quite the buzz last week; this was the Java-based download for standard cellphones that got some good writeups. I thought the client was for non-smartphones, but Cheryl found out that she can run the small application on her T-Mobile MDA with the assistance of a Java plug called "MIDlet Manager". A Java-based e-mail client on the Windows Mobile platform?!? It’s all true and kudos to Cheryl for detailing the ins and outs with plenty of screenshots. The client app is definitely a barebones package and doesn’t correctly render in landscape mode, but I’m impressed that it works!



Does anyone know where I can download the java plug in? Or perhaps a step by step to get the new gmail application to work on my MDA?!


Works just fine on the 6700, except for searching addresses. The key input is all messed up; you’ll have to manually enter email addresses.


Unfortunately it won’t work on my S710a. This is the first Java applet I’ve ever had problems with (although the problem was just that Google wouldn’t let me download it because it says my phone is not supported).

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