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FIM Labs Launches SpringWidgets, First API; Focus On Content

Fox Interactive Media joins the widget age with the launch of SpringWidgets from FIM Labs. The emphasis is on dynamic content: a gaming-focused RSS reader from, a personalized scoreboard and NFL GameTrax from and, from the Fox O&O in Birmingham, a combo weather/clock/RSS reader. FIM Labs, the internal development arm of FIM, also released the API so anyone who wants to create a widget can roll their own. (FeedBurner publishers will be able to use SpringWidgets to deliver their own content.) There’s a MySpace angle, of course — MySpace users can integrate the FIM widgets in their profiles and the kit can be used to build widgets for use within MySpace. FIM Labs creative director Don Synstelien describes it as “social content distribution” and “an easy-to-use platform to share video, audio and text content.

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  1. Hey,

    I like the whole concept! I can use these "widgets" on my desktop and on my webpages. I like the thought of possibly using them on my PDA or smartphone too! KUDOS to the whole team who put this concept together!!