Battle of the Mice

Do we control the mice? or do the mice control us? We are chained to our mice when we use the computer [unless its a laptop, and you absolutely prefer using the track pad]. It would be so ineffective to work in a digital world without one. They are our saviors by speeding up processes, and our downfall of a tangly, no signal low battery mess. We need them, so what are the benefits and drawbacks of each? And what type of mouse should we go for?

The corded mouse. This is by far the most popular of many home and business users. It is a highly effective way to move around on your screen, and stay productive, that is of course, if you are not a keyboard shortcut king. The drawback? That cord! It always gets stuck in a drawer, under the monitor somehow, and just always seems to always be in the way. If the kiddie isn’t grabbing and pulling at it, then the cat is chewing it. It’s 2006, not only should we have flying cars, but we should also have a mouse alternative, like a pair of glasses that senses where our eyeballs are looking and moves accordingly around the screen.

The wireless mouse. What a great invention. Sit back and relax and use the mouse anywhere your computer is, and maybe even across the room. Take it anywhere without tangling cords, and a simple setup to get things going. But when those batteries get low, or something is blocking your direct signal, watch out. The mouse jumps to who knows where on the screen, shifting anything you are working with, and causing a grand disruption in work flow.

So, in the mouse battle, what fairs better than the other? Does the corded mouse win out? or is it the wireless? What a tough choice. How about one of each? Personally, I use wireless mice on two of my main computers. The laptop always has the luck of the draw by using a small compact mouse that easily tucks away in a bag pocket, and is easily setup at meetings and cafe locations. While my development machine also has the option of a corded mouse, I caught a deal when purchasing it that included a wireless one. I have been using it for a while, and even though it is extremely frustrating at times when the battery gets low, or something gets in front of the signal, I don’t seem to change it for a wired one. Why? I’m not sure, but I think the main reason is a tangled mess. I would much rather have a jumpy mouse then wires getting stuck. Interesting. What does everyone else use and why?


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