Zune is coming, Zune.net is here


Anyone not living under a rock the past few months knows that the Zune player and music store are coming November 14th from Microsoft.  If you are like most folks you are either excited or could care less, but like it or not Zune is coming and for me, I am watching with an interested eye.  Competition is always a good thing and if nothing else it should help audiophiles in the long run. If you want to get a glimpse of things to come in Zune land you can hop over to Zune.net as it is live now. The site is in the early stage so you can’t buy music but since you can’t buy a Zune player yet that’s no problem, right?  The Zune site does have a lot of accessories for the player already listed so it’s a good glimpse at the future purchases early adopters are going to be making to outfit the Zune lifestyle.

Zune Marketplace

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