Starbucks, the global connector

Starbucks, for all its faults, has two things going for it: extremely friendly baristas and a global WiFi network. Coffee, well that is another story. Still using Starbucks as an Office for almost three months, I have come to appreciate the patience of their people, especially in this day and age when people are just simply rude. Not just rude, but rude.

Of course, their WiFi network, despite some recent speed and quality issues is ubiquitous, and one of the main attractions of Starbucks. (Wish they and T-Mobile would spend money and upgrade their networks.) A single sign-on works globally, and gets your wireless broadband access. Rod Boothby on the Innovation Creators blog, outlines his recent experience, and very succinctly sums up globalization.

But sometimes, to realize how truly standardized, globalized and flat the world is, you have to fly 5,371 miles, walk into a Starbucks and get on the net in 30 seconds.


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