Microsoft Zune theme- perfect for UMPCs


I saw this new Zune theme from Microsoft mentioned on Download Squad and since it’s free I downloaded it and loaded it on Flash. I’m usually not too fond of black themes but this Zune theme in black and orange looks a lot like the Energy Blue theme, except for the black and orange part.   This theme looks pretty good on the black Q1 and it doesn’t fall victim to the malady that inflicts other black themes as all controls on-screen are easy to read with nice contrast levels.  Don’t forget to change to the black theme in Office 2007 and in the program launcher to complete the effect. Here’s Flash with the new threads:

Zune theme 2
Zune theme Word




I just downloaded the theme and it appears that the issue with installing the theme has been fixed.


if u guys notice, Zune doesnt install correctly (it uses the “Classic” look inside the folders task pane area on the left). to update it to a modern look & have it match perfectly

go to C:WindowsResourcesThemesZune
create a folder called “Shell”
inside of the “Shell” folder, create a folder called “NormalColor”
move the shellstyle.dll from Zune to NormalColor

keep 1 of ur folders open while u do it & you’ll see a big the difference immediately

anybody know how to change that orange to blue?

Tax Man

Thanks! I was ready for a new look and this black is really cool and free!


Wheres that large battery charge icon come from? I could do with that

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