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Meebo IM Goes 1.0 with slick enhancements

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Meebo, a web based instant messaging service, after spending nearly a year in “alpha,” has quietly gone to a full release, skipping the “beta” phase all together. We stumbled upon their new look web instant messaging client early this morning, when we logged in to the service. The new release has some major enhancements, including a slick new look (though the old “classic” look is still available as an option.) These are outlined in the official Meebo blog.

Meebo 1st anniversary partyAmongst the new features are ability to pop out your buddy list, or your conversation window and move away from the main Meebo browser page (though you still have to be logged in.

There is the ability for drag and drop buddy list management, ability to set profiles in AIM, and support for many different languages, including Bangla, Creole, Esperanto, Iloko, Jawa, Latin, Malagasy, Marathi and Thai. (They must have been reading The World Is Flat while coding this release.) Folks at Meebo should let their community create its own skins and icons. It could be an interesting way to get even more loyalty to the service. Of course, it is time to start asking the three co-founders their business model.

11 Responses to “Meebo IM Goes 1.0 with slick enhancements”

  1. Nice for Meebo, I’m curious about their business model as well Om.

    I read that Amsterdam based eBuddy (, claims to be profitable with 35M users. From what I can gather, they sell ads on their site. It’s a common way to generate revenue.

    Going back to the Meebo story… what’s the bottom line here? Just Invest money… at the end of the day a business is a business, so HOW do they plan to make their bucks? Any thoughts on this?

  2. well, AOL and others habe been working hard to monetize their IM networks for a long time. Is Meebo not going to have the same problem? Seems like their whole plan is to scale up to a webIM provider — same features as other big IM, just different platform. Same problems too.

  3. I just love Meebo and was very surprised and pleased with the new release.
    There is just something soothing about the interface, as opposed to using the various individual clients (AIM, Messenger, etc).
    That chat log history is a great feature, as is the ability to selectively log in invisibly.

    Don’t care so much about popping out, doesn’t matter to me. Nor do skins for that matter – child’s play if you ask me.

  4. Meebo is great, I’ve been using it for over a year. I love the new features, such as the simple username management and pop-out buddylist. This is one of the best improvements of the year.

  5. @Alex, why are you bashing someone for stuff you dont enjoy? There are others who might be interested in meebo. Like me.

    Back to the topic, the new look is a pleasant surprise when I first saw it on netvibes.

  6. Just curious, why would you spend real estate on this piece of news. There are zillions of Meebo like sites out there. Why would a friggin UI change demand a blog entry?

    I sometimes feel you are a sucker for all things Sequoia/KP/big VC money…