Comcast To Launch User-Gen Video Site/Channel Ziddio


This is kinda weird, but only because the details are a bit sketchy: Comcast is about to launch a user-generated video site and TV VOD channel Ziddio…users who upload videos in specific categories have a chance to win prizes and national distribution of their original content on the VOD channel, according to this release (Updated: they took down the release…someone jumped the gun here).
Ziddio has partnerships with several major networks including: HBO, Cinemax, The Style Network, and Lucas Films, and presumably these companies would sponsor some of the contests running on the site. It will have eight different categories.
From Comcast’s FAQs: “Ziddio is a premier, user-generated, video community where the professional and amateur film industries come together. It’s a safe network for partners and brands to invest in the user-generated space. It’s a place where creativity is encouraged and the hardest part isn’t making the film, it’s making one that people will enjoy.”
Updated: Someone should tell Peter at WSJ to do a basic Google News and Google search…that’s how I found out the specific info on this story. WSJ has the usual “according to people familiar with the matter” lameness…and has half the info that we have, a day later. They issued a release, Peter…



Well Comcast wanting to get into the Hype laden Video sharing services is understandable.
The marginal cost for these entrenched players i.e. Cable Companies and Telecoms along with Studio's is relatively low to enter this market space.
GIven that low cost of entry for these players not entering it is unwise.
At the end of the day there shall be a few left and the hope is you maybe the one for each one of these players that they will be the ones left or will be merged into other operations like Youtube got Googled.
In this time of Transition, for the Entrenched players the Cost for offering services such as Video Sharing or Movie Downloads is almost negligible.
The next ten years will be the period of transition with money to be made. Just as the Automobile Industry sees that in 20 years or so Hydrogen cars maybe the way for a farely significant revenue stream, yet at the moment Hybrids are part of the transition and there is money to be made.
Look at all these new types of services to try and offer some value in the interim until when the Pipes going to and from the house increase in size 100 fold to allow the creation a true Paradigm shift in how Content gets created, shared and monetized. Until then there are going to be plenty of Hypes to latch onto.

Mark Spencer

The WSJ article had background on Revver and youTube discussions not found elsewhere. I could not get press release you reference to display, and not on Comcast's PR site?

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