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Using the Samsung Q1 on a road trip

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I already shared my day in the life of a Samsung Q1 and to prove how versatile the UMPC is on a road trip jkOnTheRun reader Bill Miranda sent me this email and is gracious enough to let me share it with you:

Hi James,

I just got back from Denver and Houston. I am teaching a class for Professional Development Institute on Basic Oil & Gas Taxation.  I gave a one day class in Denver for a Big 4 accounting firm and a two- day class for a regional accounting firm in Houston.  On both trips, I brought only my Q1 as my computer, along with the keyboard, organizer, and the Samsung Power Bank battery.  I also brought my new ultimate ear 5 headphones. Man those things rock!  I plugged the Q1 right into the projector at both locations and set up powerpoint in presenter view on the Q1 with the main presentation showing on the projector as an extended monitor.  This worked extremely well.  That VGA port on the Q1 was the killer feature for me that made me want a Q1 to begin with. It was outstanding traveling with such a small device.  Several people crowded around when I pulled it out of my 12″ laptop gear bag  from Microcenter and plugged it in. During breaks, I was able to whip out my Cingular 8125 and plug into the Q1 and check email as well as confirm a couple of tax references so that I could respond to questions raised during the session.  At the hotel, I also used the Q1 with my Edge connection rather than paying $9.95 for the hotel connection.  It was connecting at about 230KBPS which was fast enough to read the latest posts on JKOTR and check email.  At the airport while I waited for my return flight, I also surfed the web on my Q1 with it plugged into the Power Bank and my cell phone. At the same time, I enjoyed my tunes on the iPod.  I was in mobile device heaven! Thanks for showing us the way. 

Maybe next time we can connect for a meet-up!


Thanks for sharing that Bill!  If you really want to engage your audience try drawing on the PowerPoint slides to make your point.  It turns a presentation into an interactive session.  Maybe we can meet up the next time you’re in town.

3 Responses to “Using the Samsung Q1 on a road trip”

  1. Who? Me? Tether? I’m on the PDA connect plan so I use my 8125 very sparingly when I’m traveling to avoid racking up tons of bandwith. I haven’t seen any extra charges so far.