Rogers Wireless brings HSDPA to Canada

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Sierra_aircard_860Rogers Wireless in Canada announced yesterday that HSDPA access is now available in "the Golden Horseshoe area", which as we all know is from Oshawa to Niagara Falls, eh? The new high-speed wireless service tops out around 3.6 Mbps on the down side, providing Canucks the ability to quickly get those iTunes updates we all know and love.

Access to the HSDPA network will require a PC card as Rogers currently doesn’t offer any HSDPA-supported handsets. They’re selling the Sierra Wireless Aircard 860 for $49.99 with a three-year commitment. You can opt for a one- or two-year deal, but that raises the price of your PC card to a ridiculously high $349.99. I say: sign the cellular pre-nup and nab the card for fifty bucks.

(via CrunchGear)

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I have been using the HTC TyTN with Rogers HSDPA and it is fast. I can’t wait for them to expand this service geographically as I travel a lot.

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