Quintura’s visual search returns mobile atrocities



I’m always one to try a new search engine, so when I read about Quintura and their visual search approach, I figured I’d take a quick test drive. You can use Quintura to search the web for information or images and the results appear in a two-panel page. The top part is a cloud view of your search results, while the bottom part provides the actual links and information. Your results can be saved or shared with ease.

The cloud feature is geared towards helping you find more relevant search information as quickly as possible and after a few uses, I could see why folks might use it. I also see by the cloud above that we need to stop "pimping" and "fondling" our mobile devices in the public eye: Quintura, what are you trying to say about us?

(via Gadgetell)



Kevin, thank you for your review. We are working on improving the Quintura cloud. It’s just the beginning :) Stay tuned for more developments in the near future!

Anton P. Nym

Obviously, Kevin, it’s because of your naked Q1 pix.

— Steve

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