Microsoft’s OneNote Mobile 2007 Quick Start guide


One_note_mobile_2With OneNote 2007 officially just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better for this OneNote Mobile 2007 guide from Microsoft. It’s a one-pager that covers the basics of the mobile client, with topics like:

  • How to install OneNote Mobile to your mobile device
  • Inserting audio or video in your notes
  • Synchronizing your notes

I’ve used OneNote Mobile in some real-world situations (here and here) and have found it extremely useful to solve a problem; in fact, it’s on my "must have installed" list for any Windows Mobile device. It’s that good and if you want to get an overview of the basics, this guide is just the ticket.

(via OneNote Extensibility & More)



You guys are constantly adding to my personal problems—my biggest being i always get the “gimmies” and end up with two or three of the same kinds of duplicate programs and don’t want to part with any. And here’s another one! I tried One Note awhile ago, liked it, but it seemed to be such a massive program (Real Estate-wise) that i dumped it. I also already had Phat Notes (and Phat Pad from my Axim days). Any thoughts on compatibility and preference choosing for goof-balls like me who lack self control. I now have a Motorola Q, so decisions these days get made on the loss of touch screens. Thanx, by the way, for what you do. All your input helps.

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