LivePVR: record calls and more on your handheld


LivepvrMost handhelds come with some type of voice recording feature. What if you’ve got a Pocket PC Phone Edition, WM Smartphone or Series 60 device and have a burning desire to record your conversations? LivePVR from SoftTrends appears to be a solution for you. Remember, that there are typically state or other local privacy laws surrounding the recording of phone conversation, so do your due diligence first; we wouldn’t want to get a late night "bail me out of jail" phone call from any jkOTR readers.

LivePVR also supports regular voice recording for meetings and the like; I like the "Timed Recording" feature that adds a configurable recording buffer before and after a recording session to make you don’t miss anything. MobileGadgetNews has a full review of the $9.95 program and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I was tempted to call them for more impressions, but figuring they still have the software, I thought better of it. ;)

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