Kendrick offers money to T-Mobile; they don’t want it


ZetajonesGee, after reading about this fiasco James had today with T-Mobile, I almost feel honored to be a Verizon Wireless customer. Wait for it…….OK. That "honor" moment was fleeting at best and it’s now gone. Sounds like James went down to the local T-Mobile store to sign up for a new account, i.e.: commit to a few years of cash inflow for the provider, pay them monthly, add to their coffers, whatever you want to call it.

After much back and forth with T-Mobile (not from the salesperson, who sounded like he was trying to help), James walked out with no voice plan, no data plan, no SIM card, and no respect for the big T. If you want to read a story about how not to treat a customer or how not to sign up for a cellular account, this is the one. Sheesh! In related news, Catherine Zeta-Jones was rumored to comment, "I can get over the fact that they dropped me as the spokeswoman, but I’ll never forgive them for how they treated James Kendrick. That’s the last straw!"



Why can’t you get a pay as you go sim card since you will only be using it as a test account.


Wireless providers like T-Mobil carry very little risk no matter the customer. The biggest risk is the subsidized phone that they spend money on to attract new customers. That was not a risk in my case as I didn’t want the phone. I am sure that if they signed up a deadbeat they would be quick to turn the service off so where’s the big risk? To me it’s just as telling about their operation that they couldn’t immediately tell that I already was a HotSpot customer. How can you not have customers show up in your system?

Kevin C. Tofel

Mike, what are you sorry for…WE get to look at it all day too! Besides now that she’s free from T-Mobile, I was thinking of telling James that we need a “spokeswoman” for the site. [Just kidding Sheri and Barb!]

Michael Venini

Sorry James. Sorry Kevin. But that is the best looking picture you have ever had on this site.


Kevin White

Of course… are the ‘lost sales’ so high in number that they financially cancel out the risk of losing money on a credit risk, or churn?

If they aren’t… then they can ‘afford’ to lose those people.

It’s like that hammer-nail adage. When your job is to make money, everyone looks like a dollar bill.

This is definitely unfortunate though – I used to have T-Mobile and switched to Cingular for no good reason. Tmo was always nice to me and my purchasing experience was just stellar, one of the best ‘I’m gonna go buy me something technical’ experiences I’ve ever had.


And then there are the lost new sales that can probably be attribiuted to a story like this. It’s not like they are the only cell provider around…

Tablet PC User

How very odd!

I read JK’s article and I too thought it was a bad dream. T-mobile for me in the Mountain West is WONDERFUL! I even purchased an unlocked phone from eBay and the guys had me up and running in about 15 mins. They did offer me the free phone, which I unlocked and keep as a spare.

I’m not sure why the guy there in TX didn’t do all he could to make JK happy. I guess gone are the days when the “customer is always right”.

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