iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED Review and Gallery


Yesterday I picked the new iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED and thought I’d drop some photo’s of it here. Note that I think the actual full name of this iPod is absurd and in my mind doesn’t follow Apple’s standards for simplicity. It’s the most confusing product name…ever. I’m not sure I’ve heard anybody say it correctly twice in a row. But that’s another post for another day.

The nano RED is just like Apple’s regular line of iPod nano’s but it’s got a much greater cause. A portion ($10) of every iPod nano RED is donated to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa. Part marketing ploy? Sure. Could they be donating more? Probably. But you can’t bash them for atleast taking a step in the right direction.

The iPod nano line of iPod’s are a solid mix of the capacity of the regular iPods and the smaller size of something like the shuffle. It’s not quite that small, but it’s certainly not as wide as the regular iPods. I do think Apple has just about hit the smallest size they can with the nano’s. Sure they could make it smaller, but anything smaller than this with a screen really just hits the point of being too small.

At any rate, without further ado, I present to you the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED:

iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED



This version is simply the best. I got the Ipod Shuffel bevore, but it got stolen so i decided to stay with apple and i did not get dissapointed :) Bought it in a german shop:

Günstige Ipods


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can you only but it online? i really want one but i cant buy it online :(


i love the Product(Red) ipod nano.
its cute and the color is awesome :)

king kong

king kong is the best if u want to see him come talk to me


Did I mention if you buy it online, you can get it laser-engraved for free?


Alright, listen up. I just bought the (PRODUCT) RED iPod, and it’s great. The only setback of buying the red one is that I had to buy it online. And I did it for one reason, and one alone; it’s RED. Nobody else in my school has it, and the fact that $10 (which goes a long way in africa) went to the African AIDS Fund is just great. Marketing ploy or not, I would choose this (even if it wasn’t red) iPod over all other MP3 players, or ipods for that matter, too. I also bought it with money I earned myself, so I can’t take it for granted either. This is the single greatest product Apple has ever made.

New Zealand

Alejandro the Greater

I feel good about buying this one. Red is my favorite color, it’s the right size and price, and I help fight AIDS. I don’t know if it’s a marketing stunt, but I was gonna get an iPod anyways.


this is great (information and comments) but i couldnt find the thing that i was looking for…what comes in the box?


Can anyone tell me if i will be able to save work (as in document files) aswell as pictures and music on the 8gb nano?


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Todd Baur

Just a thought, but would people send in their iPods to get them customized for a charity cause? If you could get any color you wanted or any pattern on your iPod for $50, knowing it would go to charity would you part with it for a week or two?


That’s a damn sexy iPod, but I’d still rather have the pink or blue one and just donate money to the cause.


Why is everybody getting stressed about a name? Its just a name! Like Andreas said, there is a website full of product (RED) stuff. The important thing is the money being given to help fight HIV and AIDS. Okay, so $10 isnt a lot but its a step in the right direction so we’ll give them that.

Pierre Lourens

Ok, I think we are beating a dead horse with the naming thing. I think we all understand that it is because of joinred.com. Other than that, thank you for the pictures of the iPod. I am planning to buy one of these within the next couple of weeks, and get the Nike+ sports kit, too.

Peter Garner

I commend Apple for this move. Some may say that $10 isn’t much, but when you consider that Apple will sell millions of these things, that’s tens of millions of dollars going to fight AIDS in Africa. And no matter how you slice it, tens of millions is a lot of money.

Josh Pigford

Well Chuchk, while I see your point…wouldn’t they have done (RED) instead of (PRODUCT).

Or maybe they could have done producte(red). That’s pronounced pro-duc-te-red. What on earth that means, I don’t know. :P


Great photos.

DBH has it right: clearly a product designed to benefit an organization such as PR must include their name.


Very cool looking, I’m surprised they never had a red ipod anyway. I agree the (product) red name is clunky, but at the same time, there wasn’t much apple could do in the way of choosing it. (product) red is affiliating with many brands/companies to support AIDS/AIDS in Africa… so I guess that means various (products) are going to have new jazzy clunky (but charitable!) names.

Josh Pigford

Wells sure, but it’s not like it’s a different product. I’ve already got a 20GB iPod that does fine for me. This was for my wife. :)

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