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Can India’s Largest Vegetable Market Really Go Online?

Hindustan Times: Come 2007, the Azadpur Mandi in Delhi, a wholesale vegetable market spead over 90 acres is expected to go online. E-Auctions will enable purchase from Birlasoft had been awarded a Rs.1.5 crore contract by the Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Azadpur. The idea is to bring in transparency in trade transactions. Rs.1 crore has already been spent in the development of an ‘Integrated Mandi Management System’.
I just got off the phone with a wholesaler from the market, and he said that he thinks that it’s an impossible task: a large number of transactions are not billed, and traders would prefer things to remain that way. Those who buy from the wholesalers, and indeed some of those who sell, are uneducated. Quite a few wholesalers do have computers already, and they’re using a software that they’ve had for over 10 years; why would they want to install a new one? As of today, he’s aware of two shops (kiosks?) where commodity trading takes place, but that’s about it. About auctioning of produce online (also mentioned in the report), he said that no one buys from the mandi without physically checking the produce, so he doesn’t expect any buyers online.

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  1. traders fear that with the new system, they will be forced to declare all transactions at or close to actual quantity n price, most of which today is under-reported to save market fees to be paid to APMC.

    they have also resisted any new packhouses to be installed in the premises, so it is doubtful when anything else will occur there.