Baramati Tries Out WiMax; Connaught Place In Delhi To Be WiFi By Jan 1

So, which is the first place to implement WiMax? First we heard it would be Delhi, then Pune. Then we heard that it had been implemented by Aircel in Chennai, and that Bangalore was to get free WiMax till November 2. Does it matter which city is first? Not really.
The Hindu and the Business Standard both report that Intel and Aircel have done a pilot launch of WiMax services in Baramati and four neighbouring towns, all in Maharashtra. The specs: 3.3Ghz frequency over 512 kbps.
Earlier, The Economic Times had also reported that Connaught Place in Delhi would be WiFi, with free access, by Jan 1st. Then they will scout for more marketplaces to give free Internet access.
Supposedly, Chennai, Bangalore and Baramati have already had WiMax access, however limited. Anybody tried it?
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