Zen and the art of calendar maintenance

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There are times when I feel like a deaf, schizophrenic crack addict with a club foot could probably teach me a thing or two about personal organization and keeping on top of a schedule of appointments. Dallas Soccer Moms? They’re like the blackbelt masters of organizational Bushido, because when you’re juggling kids it’s kind of imperative not to drop them. The Dallas Morning News took a look at three women who offer their tips at Zen and the art of calendar maintenance.

Grandma isn’t just grandma because of her well-kept coffee cake secrets, but because somehow she still managed to get around to making coffee cake in the first place! I’ve got all the technology I’d ever need at my disposal, but I can’t get half the things done in a day that my grandma could. So what do you think we can learn from the previous generation in terms of time management?

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