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Naukri IPO Oversubscribed 55 Times

Updated: The IPO of Info Edge, the owners of jobs portal Naukri, has been oversubscribed 54.77 times. The issue closed today. The qualified institutional buyers category was oversubscribed 83.87 times, high networth individuals 65.74 times, retail 12.21 times and employee category 0.39 times. The total number of applicants were 1.02 lakh. That’s how the final numbers look like.
This is India

7 Responses to “Naukri IPO Oversubscribed 55 Times”

  1. Rajha Gopalan is the first of many Indian Job Portals that would flourish in the future in the International Labour Market, since about 70% of the valuation of 'knowledge-based Businesses' are based on 'Human Capital' and India is sitting pretty on a 'high pile' of this Asset.

    It is no good moaning and groaning about Overseas-based VCs not taking a heavy punt on India in this sector, while Indian VCs (owned by major Financial Institutions with huge capital base) are still waiting on the sidelines watching the 'ships go by' !

    Even after the 'success story' of Ma Foi of India, isn't it time that the Indian VCs take bolder and larger stake in this fast growing and financially rewarding sector ???

    If anyone needs proof of the enormous potential of the 'Knowledge Workers from India', then they should refer to the most interesting and thoroughly researched 15-Page 'Special Report on Talent' published by 'The Economist' in their issue October 7th – 13th 2006.

    Long live the 'Knowledge Workers from India' and long live !

    Rajha Gopalan

    New York.

  2. bhavish sood

    It is a somewhat sad commentary that VC's like Kleiner come in late and invest in an co , which goes IPO (not because of their growth capital), but expcet for one other investment of theirs, are not willing to risk their growth capital beyond a few million dollars in India, while would be willing to do that in several tens /hundreds of million in the US for worse ideas!

    This is part of the discrimination that take plcae. No one wants to take the risk with Indian entrpreneurs, but are willing to do so if someone in the US has indian employees viz.programmers!

    I respect sequioa capital .they have really invested big time in India, and have done so as a Equal Opportunity VC !Even, if their investments dont pan out at the end.They should be given an in the Govt.

    Shame on KPCB and the likes>


  3. I believe that employees always tend to be more skeptical of a business and hence its valuation than outsiders. It is is perhaps knowing more about the problems and limitations. External investors look at the opportunity and hence value the business higher.