HBO on the Web?

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BusinessWeek says HBO over broadband is nigh. At a Digital Hollywood panel we saw last week, HBO exec John Penney (SVP New Media Business Planning) seemed very cautious on this, saying the company was working to figure out what content was optimal for web formats, and assuring that HBO didn’t want to upset its cable and satellite partners. But c’mon, the demand for this thing would be massive!

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Jesse Kopelman

They should be focusing all available resources on this. In a world where I can get all their content for free via P2P, it is only my desire to see HBO and their great original programing stick around that keeps me paying a subscription. That said I’d be much happier paying a reduced rate directly to HBO than continuing to buy this service from Comcast. Clearly the cable cos will be applying a lot of pressure to keep HBO’s online offering to from being truly useful . . .

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