Google Mobile: faster, stronger, better. The new $6m mobile man?


Google_mobileOliver at MobileCrunch has the scoop on the new "$6 million dollar mobile man": Google. [Sorry if you don’t remember the show I’m referencing kids] Google updated their mobile offerings for Java phones for quicker navigation via hot-keys and even better yet: vastly improved performance. Oliver started checking his Gmail on a Nokia N73 using EDGE and says:

"No more interminable waiting while your next ten messages load – hit next and in a snap your next ten messages are right there. Likewise mail opens quickly and even attached files open faster than I’ve ever seen an attachment open on a mobile device."

Smart move on Google’s part here for one simple reason: there are a gizillion more Java-enabled phones sold each year than the fancy smartphones that I hold close to my heart. Google realizes what the mainstream consumer wants and has access to; they’re simply bringing it to them easier and quicker.

Update: I missed the important fact that Google has made their Gmail client a downloadable application for Java-based phones. You can get the free app by pointing your mobile browser to

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