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google gmail mobile clientGoogle is always developing mobile applications that are highly aimed at helping people access the information they need, whenever they need it. We all know about that. But what is the top item people require most to get the job done when on the go? Email!

Today, Google launched a yummy new application called the Gmail mobile client. This is a downloadable Java application that will deliver your Gmail to your mobile device with a nice loaded feature list, and a fast clean interface. As long as you have a Gmail account you are ready to start. If not, check out to signup, then point your mobile browser to to download the application.

The 137kb application took me only about 30 seconds to download using my Moto RAZR. When downloaded, users are presented with a clean Gmail login page where credentials are to be entered. A simple, clean, easy to use interface gave me a great first impression. Google claims that this new application is up to five times faster due to an “automatic pre-fetching of messages”. To my surprise, emails were there waiting for me in the inbox pretty much instantly after logging in.

It sure beats the old way of using a browser and the location. Emails are presented in a nice clean list, and there is quite a bit of reduced clicking and scrolling that is required in the mobile client. Attachments like photos are instantly resized to fit the screen size of your mobile device. Far fewer keystrokes are also required to reply, forward, search mail, compose mail, mark as unread, add a star, view details, and report spam. These are all done through the MENU option, which is a dream to use.

The Google Gmail mobile client is compatible with all J2ME-enabled phones in the U.S. and works with a variety of carrier service plans. So yes, data charges do apply. This is going to help a lot of people out in the productivity department; I look forward to continually using this Google offering, especially in the future when Google Hosted Services mail accounts are supported.

Check out what Om has to say about Google’s latest offering over at GigaOM.

Have you had the chance to check out the new mobile client? What do you think? Is this going to help out your daily productivity? It will for me!



doesn’t work with Motorola Q, can’t even enter username or password.


I am surprised that you write that you downloaded on your Motorola Razr. Downloaded yes, operated it – I don’t know. Although I have got it working on several Nokia models I cannot get it to work on the Motorola Razr. Furthermore in the gmail/app help screens, Google also say there is problem and they are working on it. Did you really get it to work or are you using the application?

Pablo Apanasionek

Downloaded it on my old Nokia 6061 in Argentina and worked like a charm. The feature of viewing attachments (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF) is awesome. Too bad the screen is too small. :) I wonder if the data charges are bigger than going the old-style way through…


Alas, this app doesn’t work with my Treo 600. I hope they come out with a compatible version soon.



Anybody got this working for ‘Google Apps for your Domain’?

It works fine for my .gmail account but not for my other domains mapped to google.


– S


Downloaded and working without any problem on my Motorola PEBL. The experience is much better than the web interface for mobile phone That site was a real pain as I had to enter my username and password every time I used it, only to be hit with a “Data Server Not Available” when signing in.


Fails to download on Telusmobility (Canada) on Razr V3c. Telus is blocking J2ME apps that you have not purchased from them.


I easily downloaded and installed it on my BlackBerry 7100 this morning. I allowed connections etc. However, when it tries to get my mail if fails stating:

“The program is unable to connect to the server. This is likely a temporary problem. Please wait a minute and then try again.”

I’ve been having this problem 8 hours now. Does anyone else experience this?

Steve Collins

I’m with Frederick… I have successfully downloaded the app to my RAZR V3 and everything seems to work up to the point where I try to display messages. I get a “Loading…” blob that sits there forever.

Obviously not for Aussies yet. Bummer.

Fredrik Ivarsson

Is this only for US? I can download the program and run it but when I login it says it can’t find a data connection even though all other programs on my phone can use it.

Judi Sohn

Nevermind…found the setting needed:

By default, the Gmail for mobile application will remember your login information and keep you signed in on your mobile phone. To change this setting:

1. Select Menu > Go to > Settings.
2. Uncheck the Always keep me signed in option.

Judi Sohn

Downloaded easily to my Cingular 8125. Very nice interface. Very easy to use and navigate.

Big negative (unless I’m missing something)…the first account you use to log in is it. I can’t find any way to sign out and sign back in with a different user account. I have 3 Gmail accounts (one for work, one for play, one for mailing lists) and had I realized this, I would have picked a different account to use with it.

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