Duraflex rollup keyboard: skinny but tough


Duraflex_rollupThis must be the "mobile keyboard season"; we’ve seen recent entries from Think Outside, Logitech, and Elikson’s concept. Now we’ve got the Duraflex from Hela, and I even get the name: durable and flexible = Duraflex!

The Duraflex is ruggedized to protect from the dreaded coffee or martini spill (what? the specs specifically say it’s resistant to water and alcohol), but can still be rolled up due to its rubber-like flexibility. Connection is made via USB 2.0 and the Duraflex supports both Windows and Mac. I figured the Mac support was there when I saw that the Duraflex was safe to use between -40 degrees C and +80 degrees C. ;) For pricing and availability, you’ll want to contact Hela directly via the product page.

I think I could use something like this in a pinch, but not for a full-time keyboard. The key travel would be much to little for my tastes, but I’m sure some folks could get used to it.


(via SlashGear)


davis freeberg

For some reason it reminds me of the mat that I have at the bottom of my shower. I wonder if it guarantees that your fingers won’t slip? I bet it has to feel weird to type on.

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