UVIA M100 for those backseat websurfers


Uv_m100Gone are the days when a long car trip meant books or travel games for the kids. Nope, today they’ve got iPods, Sidekicks, Gameboys and more. What if that’s not enough? Unwired Vehicles has just the solution if you’ve got $3,500 and a EV-DO plan through Verizon or Sprint:

"The UVIA M100 uniquely leverages 3G mobile broadband connectivity to provide rear seat passengers a selection of entertainment applications along with broadband Internet access. Easily installable by aftermarket dealers it offers DVD play, home Satellite/Cable/TiVo TV content, MP3 play, games and streaming audio. It also provides Internet access for browsing, Instant Messaging and email using a wireless keyboard."

Whatever happened to Travel Battleship?

(via Ubergizmo)

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