Software and mobility at Intel: TinyScreenfuls Video

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Tiny_screenfuls_intelGot 13 minutes this morning? If you do and you’re interested in seeing where Intel is going in terms of software and mobility, hop on over to Josh Bancroft’s TinyScreenfuls site. Josh has an excellent QVGA video podcast interview with Aaron Tersteeg, who is the Mobile Community Manager for the Intel Software Network. In just 13 short minutes, you’ll get a feel for Aaron’s role and glean some insights as to how mobility fits into the future with Intel. (Vista…*cough*…UMPCs…*cough cough*)

Great job Josh and Aaron; I’d love to see more of these! Thanks also to Steven Hughes at Boston Pocket PC; Steven tipped me off that Josh mentions jkOTR to Aaron at one point when discussing UMPCs. Aaron, it’s OK that you’ve probably never heard of us….stop by any time! ;)

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Josh Bancroft

Thanks for the link! I definitely plugged you guys to Aaron, and I’m pretty you’re listed on the ISN blogs page (

There will be more videos like these coming out of Intel – stay tuned! :-)

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