Generating Effective Work Flow from Your Space

By Chris Gilmer

Working from home is great. Lots of time to sit, contemplate, hash out ideas, take a break, wake up whenever you want, work whenever you want, play some video games, make a cup of tea… and the list could go on. However, the key is you are in control of what you do, and how you do it throughout the day in the privacy of your home office. A special non corporate place that serves as your money making machine. It is up to you to be productive in order to make cash, and to do this, your space has to be effective.

Organization is key. The more organized you are, not only are things easier to find, but your head will be free of clutter, allowing you to think cleaner, and maybe have a few extra minutes at the café down the street. Baskets, drawers, and filing cabinets are your friends in this area. Just ensure to use them effectively so as to not leave mass amounts of paper work on your desk, if you can help it. Clean and uncluttered go a long way in producing great results.

Soothing Nature. Ensure that your space is filled with natural light, and maybe add a few plants and try and keep them alive for as long as you can. Nature can have a great effect on people. Not only can sunlight help keep spirits high and good moods up, but sunlight produces vitamins your body needs in order to stay healthy. Plants produce oxygen to help you feel alive, awake and ready to roll.

Dividing the work space. Nothing beats working from home, but sometimes we have to disjoin ourselves from work, in order to actually have a life. If your office is in the middle of the family room, not only could you be tempted to sit down and sift through emails, when you really should be taking some time off to relax with the family. Kids and loved ones could be interfering during your business times if you are out in the open, as it looks like you are right there and available for their ever needs. Try to create a barricade if another separate room isn’t available. Push your work materials into the corner, and get a stand alone screen or curtain to section the room off a little. This little piece can help a lot to divide your home life, with your working home life.

Working tools. It’s highly beneficial to the web worker to have the proper tools to get the job done. Including tools for the workspace like office chair, desk, and lighting. The chair is a biggie. If you aren’t sitting pretty, your work might be suffering, and so could your body. A chair is a big investment; try them out at your local office supply, or furniture store. Make sure they are functional, and not only stylish. Aside from having some natural lighting in your work environment, a desk lamp would be a good investment. Proper lighting alleviates unnecessary eye stress and strain, which again risks your workflow.

The home work space is a special spot for web workers. It’s a sacred ground that should be held high with proudness, and raised atop a pedestal… because… HORRAY! This is my un-corporate environment, where I do what I want!

Feel free to submit any other tips you have that can help out to generate better workflow from your work space!


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