Facebook’s Zuckerberg Already Missed Big Payout; Numbers Dispute


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has already missed out on several chances to make a big payday selling his company. Now, it looks like he’ll have to settle for being a multi-millionaire instead of a billionaire, according to this BW story. Yahoo was prepared to spend $800 million for Facebook late this summer and Zuckerberg could have personally netted several hundred million dollars earlier this year, the story says. “We begged him to take the money, if not from us than from someone,” a person familiar with the issue told the magazine.
Some big Internet or media company will eventually buy the site. It has too big of an audience and reaches the elusive youth demographic. The question is what price will they pay. That’s now complicated because comScore is reporting that unique visitors dropped 10 percent between September and August. Facebook, which disputes comScore’s data, says that total registered users rose 9 percent to 11 million in September and that more than half of them use the site daily.
From BW: “Now, however, with traffic that may be declining alongside the always-elusive “cool factor” among fickle collegians, potential buyers are more inclined to wait in the hope that Facebook’s price may drop. For his part, Zuckerberg appears to be in no rush to make a quick exit to the bank.”

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