Sony’s Stringer: Innovation Comes With Risks

Sony CEO Howard Stringer used a press conference in Beijing Monday to address the company’s recent setbacks, including a profit warning .. sort of. The gist, as reported by the FT: “When you practise innovation you run risks.” One example: the difficulties Sony ran into mass-producing the PS3 Blu-ray DVD player. Despite that, Stringer said the PS3 has “been deemed a creative success … and in the end that’s what counts.” Tech graveyards, however, are full of lots of creative successes tanked by production issues or poor planning. Stringer then apparently veered off course by comparing Sony to troubled Airbus.
So far, neither Stringer or Sony President Ryoji Chubachi have commented on the latest setbacks — the profit warning and the massive battery recall. That’s not going over well with some analysts already concerned b y an apparent lack of coordination between some Sony units and a series of other issues causing concern. Fumio Osanai, analyst, UBS, Tokyo to the FT: “I don