Intuit Updates QuickBase, Will You Use It?

This week, Intuit announced their update of their hosted application service, QuickBase. The application is designed to provide even small business with the kind of tools which used to be available only to corporations large enough to afford their own mainframes. With an entry-level cost of $249 a month that will support up to ten users, even mom and pop shops can take advantage of a wide range of customizable business management tools.

QuickBase’ integration with Microsoft Project bridges the gap between desktop tools and hosted data, and now it also supports iCal and vCard. The reporting and editing interface now uses AJAX to improve and expand the product’s usability and allows for the new dynamic reporting feature. Working online now looks and feels more like a desktop app. Anyone familiar with Intuit’s other products, like Quicken, will recognize the clean style and straightforward layouts and feel right at home.

Fully customizable, you can build your own tools from scratch and import your existing data. Or choose from basic tools designed for your Project Management, Marketing, IT Management or Human Resources needs along with 200 more user created applications available in their library. All of which you can tweak to suit. Finally, it’s scalability allows for plenty of room as your needs grow. It seems ideal for fast-growing startups looking to improve their workflow management. But will they use it?


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