Close To Getting $1.5mn VC Funding?


Business Standard quotes Kanwaldeep S Kalsi, head Braingain Entertainment, the company that owns as saying that they’re close to getting $1.5mn venture funding. Where will this money be used? “On infrastructure, bandwidth scalability, manpower, PR and marketing.” Kalsi adds that at MeraVideo, the content creator earns money by sharing it with others because they’re sharing ad-revenue earned on a pay-per-click basis, mobile revenues, sale of DVDs and VCDs.

Is the Internet demarcated – that YouTube is an American site, and Meravideo is Indian? I don’t think so. An Indian seeking a larger, universal audience might prefer YouTube over MeraVideo or ApnaTube. If anything meravideo has opportunity because it can provide niche (Indian) content and is probably easier to track for Indian users. In the same space, there is probably opportunity for someone to filter YouTube content for Indian audiences as well. Also, the site doesn’t have only Indian content. See this.



The audience of a website like this is easily determined by looking at the videos that are viewed the most, take a look and decide for yourself..the Indian content in youtube is better by far.


Here is something to cheer, there is a new entrant and this one is not a YouTube clone – AapkaVideo. This new video sharing service which allows you to watch, upload and share videos with others. It is a totally free online service targeted at the desi audience. AapkaVideo is a great place to upload and share your favorite videos.

AapkaVideo is a platform if you have a collection of videos made by you which you want to share with others. To upload videos, you just have to create a free account with AapkaVideo. After a successful registration, you can simply start uploading videos, which will be watched by hundreds of users as this videos are immediately reflected in the home page. It supports almost all the popular video file types. You can also share the videos you uploaded by creating sharable links.

Unlike other services known for soft porn content this one does not tag that line. They have a strict monitoring system in place which ensures that such videos can be immediately removed from the site.


this is complete bunkum and an obvious attempt at cheap publicity .. i don't think there is any sale whatsoever …

Even if we leave aside the fact that this is made from cheaply available readymade script … any sane investor will obviously an very seriously consider the fact that this company doesn't have even one software programmer on its rolls (ha ha) … no business model to boot .. and a person at the helm who has a record of taking investors for a ride


THere are lots of youtube clones available in the market for 1$., Indians seems to be attracted to these types of video sites


there is already a site which filters youtube content.

I cant believe this site got funded

"Is the Internet demarcated – that YouTube is an American site, and Meravideo is Indian? I don’t think so."
That is not entirely true. It's been proven that there is always a chance for sites focused at Indians., are a few examples.

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