InformationWeek rings up a Netgear Skype phone review


Sph101_1Sounds like David DeJean at InformationWeek pulled an "E.T." this week by walking around the IW offices mumbling "D.D….phone home" with a Skype phone. Lucky for him, he wasn’t dialing up another planet on the WiFi phone from Netgear. Nope, David just used the SPH101 to call a few friends in Greece, Australia, and Indiana, not to mention the wife at the office. (Bonus points for that…guys: take note!).

So how did the over $200 Skype phone perform? Sounded like the overall experience was pretty positive and I especially liked how the phone was easy to connect to different networks. As expected, voice quality degraded as the phone moved farther from the wireless router; David went to a neighbor’s backyard to test, but strangely omits whether he asked permission to trespass and test. Anyway, check it out if you too want to play E.T. without hacking together your own WiFi phone with a tin can and a Speak ‘n Spell!

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