Crossbow for Smartphone to support Office Mobile apps?


Crossbow_smartphone_1If the pics from GPSPassions are legit, then I’d answer my own question with a resounding yes! Looks like these screenshots tell the story and could bring a big change to Windows Mobile devices running the Smartphone platform. Remember, devices running the Pocket PC Phone Edition already supported Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and Power Point Mobile. Since the Smartphone Edition devices don’t have touchscreens, they haven’t supported those apps previously. Should we take this a step further and speculate that the Smartphone Edition of Crossbow will have touchscreen support? Sounds logical to me!

I’m all for one-handed device navigation and usage; while jog-wheels and the like have come far, I still prefer a touchscreen….and a microfiber cloth to wipe it down every few hours! ;) Before I forget: there’s a Windows Update icon in Crossbow as well. Are these devices going to check for updates and if so, I sure hope they do it in the background when I’m not on a call.

(via MSMobileNews)

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