B2Beta Live Now

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(Disclosure: I still write a column for Business 2.0 magazine.)

My former colleagues from Business 2.0 are blogging. Hey guys, welcome to the world of instant analysis, instant reporting. It is fun, and addictive. Erick knows it all too well. They will all bring new, interesting and different voices to the blogging world, regardless of what the naysayers might think.

Will it be easy? Not really – developing a community takes a long time, and a lot of work. I know it first hand. It took me five years to go solo, and even now you cannot take even a single reader for granted. Some of these new bloggers will be very successful – call it gut instinct. Others might find the pace grueling, but they will enjoy the process. To stay relevant every single day, that’s part of the challenge and also part of the fun. Welcome old friends, to a new conversation.

You can check out the Business2Beta here.

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