Autocompletion in OSX


John Gruber is a genius. The OSX-savvy writer and producer of the well-known Daring Fireball pointed out today that autocompletion is available in all OSX Cocoa-based applications. Straight from the horses mouth:

The Cocoa text system has a built-in auto-complete feature that is tied to the system-wide spelling checker dictionary. Start typing a word in an app that uses a Cocoa text editing field, hit the Esc key, and you’ll get a drop-down list of suggested completions.

He mentions that this is an old but not widely known OSX tip. I think he’s right — at least, this Mac user didn’t know about it.

Props to Gruber for this tip.



So what’s an example of such an app? I’m sorry to see that Firefox didn’t exhibit this behavior… I’d love it to complete my email address for me on Craigslist postings…

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