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The Wishful Thinking on ByeSpace

Yes, journalists get a perverse sense of pleasure writing about flavor-of-the-month-now-being-passe stories. Case in point, the two stories which came out this weekend about MySpace being passe, or more accurately, as Valleywag brilliantly put it in its headline: “20-Year-Old Cancels MySpace Account, Site Folds”.
The first, a WaPo story, has scant evidence of MySpace’s decline, if any, and bases it on some quotes from some users. The second one, from WSJ, is even worse: it says that MySpace and Facebook lost visitors in September, based on NetRatings data, and in the next paragraph, the NetRatings analyst explains that seasonal back-to-school declines happen, just like last year. But then, why would the writer let a rational quote get in the way of the story she wanted to write anyway…oh well, don’t expect much…and you won’t be disappointed.

One Response to “The Wishful Thinking on ByeSpace”

  1. I really wish someone would give journalists a crash course that describes the inherent "volatility" present in data recorded by Nielsen NetRatings and comScore and the like. These services should be regarded as the equivalent of a yardstick at best and as such should hardly be considered sufficient evidence of a very modest decline in popularity or seasonal trend.