E-Let lets you find and use WiFi

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Elet_wifiAm I the only one who doesn’t use or need a WiFi finder? (Probably) I can’t think of a single WiFi device I’ve owned that couldn’t find and then use (with configuration) a hot-spot. Then again, this WiFi dongle from E-Let provides WiFi via USB as well as snoops out places to connect. Looks like you’ll get signal strength right on the dongle thanks to an LCD screen and hey! It looks like you’ve got a battery indicator for your device too, but I might be reading into this too much. No word on the price and the availability looks to be in the Asia’s for now. Now if they can just add a gig of RAM and put XPe on this baby, I’d REALLY be interested! Imagine your applications, data and wireless connectivity on a bootable WiFi finder!

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Hi, JK,
I’ve got one (albeit in metallic blue) in my pocket. It was going cheap at my local Maplin’s (sort of Radio Shack for Brits). Haven’t tried the WiFi side yet – all my kit has it built in, but the detection is really quite good. It finds available WiFi points within range and tells you their SSID, channel, security type, and signal strength. There’s a button to scroll through them one by one. The manual mentions the battery indicator, but it hasn’t appeared yet in its appointed space on my unit, even when charging via the USB. Price over here was just under £40. WiFi is 802.11b/g up to 54Mbps.

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