Dude, are you gettin’ a Dell Tablet?

Dell_logo Big shout out to GottaBeMobile for writing about and then getting picked up for the news on a possible Dell Tablet PC entry in 2007! Folks are buzzing around the thought and if you look at Dell’s history, it actually makes sense: Dell isn’t often the leader in new technologies and configurations. Instead, they wisely wait to see what "takes" and what doesn’t. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t; the Dell DJ, for example, followed the iPod, but like so many others in the space, just never took hold. [Disclosure before the Dell DJ fans bash me: I still own one too!]

If Dell does plan for a Tablet PC, what lessons do you think they should have learned from other Tablet PC vendors? What are the must-have features you’d want in a Dell Tablet?

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