Dude, are you gettin’ a Dell Tablet?


Dell_logo Big shout out to GottaBeMobile for writing about and then getting picked up for the news on a possible Dell Tablet PC entry in 2007! Folks are buzzing around the thought and if you look at Dell’s history, it actually makes sense: Dell isn’t often the leader in new technologies and configurations. Instead, they wisely wait to see what "takes" and what doesn’t. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t; the Dell DJ, for example, followed the iPod, but like so many others in the space, just never took hold. [Disclosure before the Dell DJ fans bash me: I still own one too!]

If Dell does plan for a Tablet PC, what lessons do you think they should have learned from other Tablet PC vendors? What are the must-have features you’d want in a Dell Tablet?


Chris Magnusson

I hope that the startup process list isn’t too brutal. All the Dell’s I’ve used have had around 50-ish items in the task manager on a next-to-fresh boot. My Tecra M4, on the other hand, typically has around 80, 22 of which are supplied by Toshiba.


They have got to compete on price. Solid machines, reasonable price.

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