Brightcove Launches Consumer Site; Ad and Syndication Network

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Considering the hype meter on this, I’ll keep this even keel: Brightcove, an online video solutions firm started by Jeremy Allaire, has launched its consumer destination site today, trying to become a more programmed version of say YouTube and other video sharing sites. A lot of clips on the site are the companies/content providers Brightcove already works with in powering their own online services. Besides hosted clips, the site also has a Web video search engine (crawling all video sharing sites), powered by Truveo (now owned by AOL).
Also, it has launched an online advertising, e-commerce and video syndication networks…the videos will be syndicated to AOL, Reuters and many other sites. On the ad side, Brightcove gets 50 percent of ad revenues; and on the e-commerce (paid clips) side, about 30 percent of sales. On the other side of syndication, the company is launching a marketplace of clips from its clients, which can be be bought to be syndicated on other sites in various packages.
So those are the basic details….if you want hype, read this rather breathless version from AdAge.

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Kevin at TasteTV

Of course, we have an informed bias because we created a Testimonial for Brightcove for their new site (see it at:, but the team here at TasteTV has staked a lot on the Brightcove model because it's 100% in line with what we forecasted was needed and would be coming when we launched as the Indie Food Channel in 2004 (back then everyone kept saying, "but how can you possibly be a real channel?") Now we're TasteTV, and very happy with our parnter decisions and industry forecasts. (Kevin at TasteTV,

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